1 - Traffic Information

It gets busy especially in the evenings on the roads leaving the Science Park.
With the right information maybe you can prevent getting stuck in traffic.

We therefore give you an insight into the actual traffic situation. There is nothing more annoying than leaving the office only to get stuck in a traffic jam. Find all the information you need so you can decide whether or not to leave instantly or wait fifteen minutes for example. Or maybe you will choose another form of transportation (next time). 

How busy is it right now?

Please find your point of departure below:

We have bundled all relevant information in one place: a live traffic camera, a flow chart of the main cross section and real time informatie on public transportation.

What is the prediction of my travel time?

Consult the website www.tripcast.nl to find out what would be your best moment to leave the office.
Choose your destination and see your predicted travel time plus the expected delay. Choose graphics and see if you should leave earlier of later to avoid delays. 

Go to www.tripcast.nl.