3 - Bike-sharing

Mobike bike-sharing is available in Delft. You will find the Mobikes at various locations around Science Park South, at both of Delft’s train stations, and at various spots in Delft. You can use one of these orange-wheeled bikes if you want to get to or from the station, or just for a quick ride into town. They are one-way rentals, meaning you do not have to return them if you choose a different return option. As you can expect from Science Park South, they are innovative, smart bicycles. These bikes do not require a key and, instead, are opened with your smartphone. Super nice, and easy!

Download app

To use the Mobikes you need to install the app:

Download Mobike in de Apple App Store Download Mobike in de Google Play Store

You pay for the use of the Mobikes: € 1,00 for 20 minutes and € 7,50 for a month (subscription). Fees can vary. Please check the Mobike website for most recent fare prices.
The Mobike is opened with the QR-scanner in the app. You lock the bike simply by closing the bike lock. You can start your ride anywhere you find a Mobike. You can end the ride and park where this is allowed in public space.
The app shows you where to find a Mobike near you. You can reserve a bike 15 minutes before use.