What is ga3punt0.nl?

ga3punt0.nl lists initiatives that allow you to contribute to a more accessible region.Nowadays, there are so many options to do things differently and not to get stuck in traffic. Go 3.0 helps employers and employees on their way, both literally and figuratively. On thesite, we invite employers and employees to try alternatives, thereby making a joint effort toreduce traffic. The fact is, you really can get to work and avoid the traffic jams!

Haaglanden and Rijnland Accessibility

Go 3.0 is an initiative by Haaglanden and Rijnland Accessibility. It is a cooperative venture between VNO-NCW West, Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Region, TLN, evofenedex and the municipality of The Hague. Smart solutions are sought to reduce traffic jams as part of a joint effort involving a wide range of parties. Examples include travelling outside rush hour and promoting other ways of working or transport. But it is much more than that: a healthy work-life balance, vitality, attractive employer status, employee satisfaction, corporate social responsibility and CO2 reduction all play a role. For more information, visit: