Bicycle repairs at work

This sympathetic campaign is intended for all employees who can commute to work by bike. Have they not used their bike for a while, and has it been rusting away in the shed? Does the bike have an odd rattle or is cycling not as enjoyable and comfortable as it was? We can fix it!

At your request, a bicycle repairman can come by the office. This repairman can give your bicycle a good look-over. He will check the tyres, oil the chain and give the bike a general check-up. Does the bike require more work? In that case, the employee is given advice on what to do.

The campaign ‘Bicycle repairs at work’ takes place at the work location. We will let everyone know when the bicycle repairman comes round. Employees can then bring their bike with them to work.

Interested? Contact Roel Lenoir, cycling promotor, on