Is your organisation easily accessible for employees and business relations? Or do they get stuck in traffic on a regular basis? You can actually do something about it! Ga3punt0.nl can help you with this. This website is an initiative of Haaglanden and Rijnland Accessibility and the right place to find inspiration. We offer a wide range of options that your employees can start using straight away. Go 3.0 now!


Have you opted to go 3.0 yet?

Employers who are partners of Haaglanden and Rijnland Accessibility actively contribute to a more accessible and liveable region. Options include offering flexible working hours and having employees work differently, or by encouraging employees to come to work by bicycle, E-bike or public transport. It all helps! Employers do this together, each in their own way, depending on their possibilities. Will you be joining them?

  • Freight Cycling option
  • On-site bicycle repair shop
  • The public transport Trial Pass

What do we get in return?

A more accessible city and surroundings helps the environment, as well as the economy and you as an employer. You will get a lot in return: higher employee satisfaction, higher productivity, lower absenteeism and improved accessibility for your suppliers and customers. Want to be an attractive employer? Are you actively involved yet in the Working New Style? Want to reduce CO2 emissions and costs? And do you want to work more efficiently? Haaglanden and Rijnland Accessibility can help you.

Want to become a partner of Haaglanden and Rijnland Accessibility?

ga3punt0.nl instantly shows you which initiatives you or your employees can take part in. Participation in the initiatives is open to all, but you can also play an even more active role. Simply by becoming a partner of Haaglanden and Rijnland Accessibility, like more than 100 other employers in the Haaglanden and Rijnland region did before you! Looking to become a partner or want more information about Haaglanden and Rijnland Accessibility? Please contact the administrative office of Haaglanden Accessibility.

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