Science Park South moves

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Science Park South in Delft wants to be easily accessible, which requires smart and sustainable mobility. That is why we offer options across various modes of transportation to commute to and from work. This starts with information about current local traffic and includes a carpooling app, bike-sharing in Delft and electric bikes you can try out. In short: there’s something for everyone! Take a look below to find the transportation options that suit you, so you too, can stop wasting in traffic. The Science Park South moves!

Something for everyone

Below is a brief explanation of the various smart transport options we offer.

Is there a traffic jam?

Is there always a traffic jam at the time you want to leave the office? We would like to inform you when it is busy or not. There is nothing more annoying than leaving teh office only to get directly stuck in a traffic jam. Find all the information you need so you can decide whether or not you may want to leave fifteen minutes later, or even choose another transportation option. We havebundled all relevant information in one place.

Carpool app

Want to go to work by car? Why drive alone? Go carpooling! It’s cheap, sustainable, helps reduce traffic jams and delays, and it’s more enjoyable. You can carpool with colleagues or with people from the other organizations in Science Park South. The carpool app helps you find your co-carpooler and assists in making good agreements with each other so that you do not end up with unexpected surprises.


Mobike bike-sharing is available in Delft. You will find the Mobikes at various locations around Science Park South, at both of Delft’s train stations, and at various spots in Delft. You can use one of these orange-wheeled bikes if you want to get to or from the station, or just for a quick ride into the city. They are one-way rentals, meaning you do not have to return them if you choose a different return option. As you can expect from Science Park South, they are innovative, smart bicycles. These bikes do not require a key and, instead, are opened with your smartphone. Super nice, and easy!

Try an e-bike

Discouraged from traffic jams? Try an e-bike as an alternative. Experience what it is like to commute to work on a bike without getting tired. With an e-bike, you don’t have to worry about traffic jams, can still get the fresh feeling of the wind, and you’ll always have a parking space! And don’t forget: you will also become fitter. Did you know that people who commute by bike are more energetic? Try out an e-bike for a week. From 26 February, they will be available at your office in the bicycle parking for a limited period of time. To reserve yours, check out your employer’s intranet.


Now that you have an overview of the various smart transportation options for your Science Park South commute, you can start immediately. 

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